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Katherine Johnson - New York, United States of America
Smarter Health’s services really made my hospital experience smooth and stress free. It was amazing to be connected with the right doctor minimizing a lot of the headaches and speeding up my time to care and ultimately recovery to full health. I’m so appreciative for the service in my health journey. Going to the hospital isn’t always fun, but it truly helped getting the best care and being directed to the right people. The ground support who answered all of my questions (I had a lot) and helped me with the entire process were fantastic. I’m so grateful for the team and the entire experience.
Natasia - Padang, Indonesia
Fast, precise and friendly service from Smarter Health. I can immediately communicate with their in-house doctor who assists confused patients who do not know exactly which specialist to consult with. I also received a temporary treatment recommendation regarding my condition and Smarter Health immediately made an appointment with the hospital. With Smarter Health, my medical experience became seamless. Thank you, Smarter Health.
Ng Yi Min - Singapore
Medical check up in Lifescan Imaging
I have been afraid of getting a health check up since I was young. My sister introduced me to Smarter Health – that is when I met the Smarter Health staff who were very helpful in guiding me to select the right package. After I got the check up done, the nurse at the centre called me to come for an early review the next week and I was very worried. During the period of waiting, I felt very stressed and so I texted the Smarter Health staff who even went to the extent of looking up my illness and advising me accordingly. I texted the Smarter Health staff a few times and she never failed to assure me. I felt completely reassured sharing my problems with her! If you are someone like me who is afraid of doing health check ups, I would recommend Smarter Health.

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