4 Tips to Prevent Back Pain while Working from Home

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As a way to prevent transmission of Coronavirus or COVID-19 in office settings, the Work from Home (WFH) has been implemented. However, the transition from working at the office to your home may have its own challenges — especially if you are used to working in teams. You would have had to adjust to the ‘New Normal’ era. 

Spending your working hours at home for days or even months may trigger stress and other health problems. In this article, Smarter Health will share tips to maintain your back or spine health while working from home during this pandemic.

1. Optimise your desk set up

Your monitor should be ideally at eye level. This will reduce the strain to your neck and back. If the viewing angle of your monitor is too high or too low, you are likely to compensate by looking downwards or upwards. Doing this for prolonged periods of time will put a long-term strain on your neck and back which could result in an injury.

2. Move at least once every hour

Even if you just stand up and sit down, you should try to move once every hour. Sitting in the same position for a long period of time can lead to pain. Take a lap around the house or grab a snack if you need a reason to get up and move.

3. Exercise/stretch to help with posture

The lack of moving around will cause you to lose muscle strength and endurance because you are not using your muscles as much. The more exercise or stretching you can do, the better. But try not to feel overwhelmed, and do what you can. Getting some exercise is always better than getting none.

4. Using a lower back support on your chair

This is to prevent slouching. You can use a back pillow or simply roll up a towel into a log-like shape and place it at your lower back while sitting on a chair. This will make you sit up straighter thus improving your posture.

Feeling the pinch on your back?  Poor posture comes with long term consequences, such as injury and pain. It is important to take action and apply these tips to correct posture and prevent pain before it becomes a problem. If you notice that you have pain while working at home, you may book an appointment with a specialist through Smarter Health.

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