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General FAQs

Smarter Health is a trusted online platform that connects patients from around the region to highly skilled specialist doctors in Singapore and Malaysia. Through our platform, patients get to select the medical checkup packages suitable for their needs, pick a specialist doctor they can consult with, and/or get treatment quotations for specific surgical procedures from specialist doctors.

Smarter Health was founded by a group of healthcare professionals comprising hospital administrators and medical practitioners who on a cumulative basis have more than 70 years of experience in the industry. We are all too familiar with the existing problems in the healthcare industry and we are here to help by putting patients first and empowering them with all the vital information to have them make smarter decisions about their health.

We are a completely independent entity not affiliated with any hospital groups.

Patient FAQs

It is entirely free to use the Smarter Health platform to get your medical checkup packages recommendations, and your medical condition reviewed by our doctors. Smarter Health also advises you on who are the most suited specialist doctors in our panel to attend to your condition while providing you with the associated costs upfront to help you with your decision. Optional medical concierge services such as translation services, arranging for emergency evacuation, ambulance services, accommodation, airport transfer etc are priced at S$28 per service selected.

Our Smarter Health panel of doctors will review your condition together with your medical records and provide a diagnosis. Using the diagnosis by our doctors, our system will then reach out to all the relevant specialist doctors in our panel who are best suited to treat you and request for their recommended treatment plans and quotes.

If you would like to expand your options and be empowered with more information on treatment plans and pricing, then Smarter Health is the platform to help you make smarter decisions.

Smarter Health will help by connecting you with our panel of doctors locally to get yourself diagnosed before recommending the next course of action. Smarter Health works best if there is a known medical condition, supported by a medical report. The medical report can be in the form of a medical diagnosis by your doctor, radiology or pathology report, which you can upload onto our system.

Yes, you can still change your specialist doctor within 72 hours after we have informed you of the specialist doctor’s identity and contact. Drop us an email at admin@smarterhealth.sg and tell us why you want to change your specialist doctor. Our medical concierge team will reach out to you to better understand your preference and recommend a suitable specialist doctor for you.

We allow up to three (3) changes. You must inform us of the first change within 72 hours.

Please proceed to Smarter Consultation and chat with our bot – we will then direct you to and help you make an appointment with a suitable specialist doctor for an outpatient consultation.

All our specialist doctors are highly qualified, licensed practitioners in their respective countries, credentialed with some of the top hospitals in the region.

Yes, you will be able to access them anywhere, at anytime.

Smarter Health does not share your identity and contact details with the doctors during the entire review process. We will only share your identity and contact details after you have selected your Specialist doctor and given your consent for us to share.

Smarter Health provides a free appointment booking service through our concierge. If you need to reschedule your appointment, contact us at admin@smarterhealth.sg and our concierge team will reach out to help.

If you indicate on our platform that you need urgent medical attention, a member of our team will contact you directly, and arrange for emergency medical care. Alternatively, you can also contact us at admin@smarterhealth.sg for emergency evacuation services.

Before you submit your diagnosis to our panel of specialists, we allow you to indicate if you have any preferred specialist doctor. If yes, and the specialist is already on our platform and wishes to participate, Smarter Health will ensure that the specialist’s proposed treatment plan and quotation is displayed for your selection. If the specialist is not yet on our panel, provide us with his/her name and practice location using the platform and we will contact the specialist directly to request for their participation.

Each account only supports one person. If you are registering for a family member or as a care-giver, we recommend creating and managing an account in the patient’s name, on the patient’s behalf.

All data on our site, including medical documents scanned/photographed/uploaded by you, is protected because we only reveal the information to parties that you authorise. For all your scanned/photographed medical documents, we advise you to anonymize your identity (name, ID, and contact details) before uploading to the site.