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Product 1

Patient Channel Management

Improve patient experience

Allow patients to self-serve using our specialist recommendation, appointment scheduling and patient registration solution.

Capture valuable patient insights

Track any metric you need – from source channel performance, demographic profiles, disease trends to top doctors/specialties requested.

Product 2

Queue & Flow Optimisation Solution

Minimise patient waiting time & improve capacity utilisation

Chart patient pathways and cue patients to service stations via our dynamic load-levelling solution. This results in shorter patient waiting times and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Track patient journey from walk-in to check-out

Gain visibility into the patient journey via an interface for Management to track productivity and service turnaround times in key departments.

Product 3

Admission Digitisation

Improve productivity for your doctors and staff

We digitise, consolidate and process both hospital admissions and/or pre-authorisation forms in a single interface.

Manage claims submissions & payouts effortlessly

Utilise our solution to track all claims submissions and payouts from different payors effortlessly. Queries and supporting documents requested by claims assessors can be made via the solution, allowing for easy tracing.

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