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Product 1

Patient Concierge

Improve your policyholders’ experience

Guide your policyholders in their care journey by using our specialist recommendation, appointment scheduling and patient registration solution.

Capture valuable insights

Track population health of your policyholders – from demographic profiles, disease trends, claims amounts to top hospitals/doctors/specialties selected.

Product 2

Digital Pre-Authorisation

Capture data in a digital, structured format

Our smart, digital form has international diagnosis codes and localised procedure codes embedded, allowing for real-time benchmarking of length of stay, cost breakdowns and other key data points. 

Automate claims assessment 

Our AI capabilities are able to assess the appropriateness of care and costs and recommend cases for approval or rejection. 

Product 3

Case Management

Get regular updates throughout admission

Stay informed on a case by receiving daily updates from providers/specialists on clinical progress and bill size.

Detect deviations from expected care path

Monitor care pathways and mine deviations from expected care workflows via our audit functionalities.

Product 4

Final Bill and Claims Adjudication

Expedite patient discharge 

Automate exclusion and pre-existing conditions checks, and deviation from pre-authorisation. Upon detection of deviation by our decision-support AI brain, appropriateness of care will be checked.

Manage claims submissions & payouts effortlessly

Utilise our solution to track all claims submissions and payouts to different providers effortlessly. Queries and supporting documents requested by claims assessors can be made via the solution, allowing for easy tracing.

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